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All AT&T 3G Phones Will Need To Be Replaced

AT&T has announced yet another big change. Subscribers with 3G cell phones will need to replace their units in order to keep their wireless service working. However, this change will not be happening immediately. Fortunately, the entire process will take several years and Ralph de la Vega (Head of AT&T wireless) assures us that “there is nothing for them to worry about.”

Why the big change? AT&T plans on rearranging the function of T-Mobile’s cell towers, making 3G towers into 4G towers, which would serve the greater good for wireless consumers in the future.

While this may seem good for future wireless service, it may harm individuals who like to hold onto their phones for more than a few years. It is unclear at this time whether AT&T will offer some type of free phone to replace users’ current 3G phones, or whether they’ll have some kind of reimbursement plan for the more expensive devices like the iPhone 3G and the HTC G2 with Google.

Photo Courtesy of pouwerkerk
Photo Courtesy of pouwerkerk