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AT&T and T-Mobile’s Marriage: What Will This Mean?

As all of you have probably read, AT&T has acquired T-mobile and there is much talk about what will become of the AT&T giant. In terms of coverage, AT&T will focus on combining its 2G and 3G networks with T-Mobile by combining the two carriers’ frequencies. Yes, this will double the 3G capacity in many areas, although existing phones will only be constrained to one frequency or the other.

AT&T boasts about how much their coverage will improve, but many consumers are worried about something else: the cost. AT&T is known for charging premium prices, they currently offer a 900 minute plan for $59.99 which is $10 higher than T-mobile’s $49.99 plan, offering 1,000 minutes. Another drawback with AT&T is that they do not offer unlimited data plans as T-Mobile does. Many T-Mobile users, including myself are concerned about the data limits and the price spikes that are likely to follow the AT&T marriage. AT&T will launch devices for T-Mobile customers that will allow them to take advantage of both its wireless frequencies. Hopefully the dual coverage will be well worth the price.

Before the acquisition, I was very pleased with T-Mobile’s products, cellular service, customer service, wireless and data plans, and how they were priced. Now, my “dream service provider” will be merging with a less than desirable network(At least, this has been my impression of AT&T over the past few years.) Although one could hope that AT&T would adopt T-Mobile’s lower prices to stay competitive, you know they won’t. With their enormous size and large network coverage, they are likely to charge even higher prices than they currently are. Of course, if they go too high, AT&T users are likely to flock to nearby competitors, Sprint and Verizon. Only the future knows how the Big Three will handle business.

Photo Courtesy of Shooting Brooklyn
Photo Courtesy of mksfly