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Facebook Events Will Soon Have Check-ins

Facebook will soon give iPhone app users the option to check-in to events, similar to how you can check-in to places. As soon as you check-in and confirm your attendance, a news story will be published on your feed, acknowledging your presence at the event. This is an improvement since it confirms actual attendance.

The check-in icon will not be on the event page. Instead, this is available within the mobile app, users will only have the option to check-in when they are near the location and around the time the event is happening.

Although Facebook seems ideal for mobile use, currently you have to create a Place page to check-in, even if the “Place” is event-specific.

The check-in option will only be available for events you’ve confirmed, hopefully deterring people from RSVPing as the dreaded “maybe attending”, since checking-in won’t be an option for them. This is expected to be available for everyone with the next iPhone release, although it’s not clear when this will be.

Currently Facebook is testing this on some users and they’ve already seen the option to check-in to events. For you Facebook users on iPhones: Has this shown up for events you have been at yet? Let us know, and if you can send us some screenshots via Twitter or comments below.

Photo courtesy of researchgirl
Photo courtesy of laughingsquid