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Gmail Blocked – How Far Will China Go?

Chinese Internet users have reported greater and greater difficulty accessing GMAIL within the past weeks, claiming that the google mail client was either slow or inaccessible.

Google, after extensive checking on their part, said the Chinese government is responsible for the access problems.

Coincidentally the Jasmine Revolution(a pro-democracy movement) occurred at about the same time that China had begun intermittently blocking GMAIL access, in efforts to suppress word of mouth.

The GMAIL access issues add to a large list of already-blocked Google products. Users can no longer access YouTube or Blogger, and Google Maps may also be blocked if the search engine fails to get the necessary licenses by July.

One reason that analysts believe Google is getting a hard time from China is because they have a difficult time complying with China’s strict censorship. And, when you think about Google, their corporate culture, and their philosophy of spreading information, it’s no wonder they are having a hard time creating filtered products for Chinese consumers. After all, Google is about spreading information, not limiting it! Can we really blame Google for giving Chinese citizens a chance to think for themselves?

It seems to me that all this censorship is a form of psychological slavery, with their minds being held captive and unable to grow into something greater…Hopefully there will be a better future.

Photo Courtesy of Wu Fake
Photo Courtesy of Okinawa Soba