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iPad 2 Used to Shoot Music Video

By now, you know that the iPad 2 has video capturing capabilities. This has been put to use in the music video for the song “Need” by the band Eddy, a remarkable piece considering the equipment used to film it. The video was shot entirely using 4 iPad 2s, and produced by Remedy Films.

They used the iPads like professional cameras, and attached 3 to either steadicam and handheld rigs. The fourth was held by the lead singer and can be seen in the video. Although they are a professional production company, they decided to shoot in a dark environment without sophisticated lights, to create a party, night-life atmosphere. The shooting session took 5 hours, and editing took 12. The entirety of the video was completed within 20 hours of picking up iPad 2s last Friday.

The production company did not do the editing entirely on the iPad, using iMovie and GarageBand, however, they mentioned that it would be possible given more time. These features in addition to the video capability make the iPad 2 a very attractive device. Moving beyond simply a means to consume media, it is now seen as an entirely self-sufficient way to produce videos and record music. Watch it below and let me know what you think.

Photo credit Clinton Jeff
Photo credit visual.dichotomy