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Sprint *Sprints To Catch Up With Competition

So AT&T swallowed T-Mobile, now what? Sprint has announced that they will be brining Google Voice on all of their CDMA phones(preloaded as an application). Google’s new Nexus S 4G will be among those to sport it. Sprint makes it clear that users who want to run their calls, text messages and voicemail can do it through the very affordable Google Voice and can sign up for the service here.

What is so nice about this feature? Well, Sprint customers will now be able to use their existing phone numbers as their official Google Voice number. This will allow Sprint users to take unlimited free calls anywhere in the United States for the remainder of year 2011, of course, not stealing from their Sprint minute allowance. To take it one step further, Sprint also said that users will be able to use their Sprint number as a default for up to six devices. This means that the next time you forget your cell phone at the office, you can still pick up your call from any other device(such as a home phone.) Finally, the scare of the AT&T giant has sparked some competition and technological genius amongst competitors. We can only hope that the “battle to be the best” continues for the benefit of cell phone users nationwide.

IT World lists three pages pros and cons of Google Voice porting. Personally, I use Google Voice whenever I need to call a company representative. As you know, the waiting times to reach a rep can often exceed an hour and that is not an hour I would like to spend holding the phone to my ear. Google Voice not only offers crisp sound quality, but it also allows me to stay on the line with the rep, using a headset while I work on other things at my computer. I am glad to see technology bring people closer together.

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