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Tumblr Had Security Issues – Exposed Accounts

It turns out that last Saturday morning was Christmas. Well, maybe for some. A security glitch occurred with Tumblr that caused users’ passwords to be displayed on Tumblr’s website, where 748 lines of information was shown. Tumblr of course said the fumbl was “human error” due to incorrect PHP coding. Tumblr released a statement five hours after the occurrence, claiming that they are “triple-checking” their systems to make sure everything is secure and that it will not happen again.

My question to you is, will this affect your Tumblr use? How safe do you feel when using blogging sites or even websites such as eBay or Paypal?

If you feel that most websites are safe to use and are not concerned with these occasional “mishaps”, please post in the comments section.

Photo Courtesey of Annieee
Photo Courtesey of Julia Roy