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Amazon Launches AppStore, Gives Angry Birds for Free

Amazon.com just launched a store for Android smartphone apps, and in celebration are letting people download Angry Birds for free today. They also said the Android version of the app will now be available exclusively from the Amazon AppStore. Although this already beloved app will return to it’s normal price of $0.99 after today, there will be different free apps available each day. This will not only draw customers to the new AppStore, but will also help promote unknown apps that deserve the attention. Plus, who doesn’t like free apps? Everyone wins here.

Except Apple, who just sued Amazon in attempt to stop the online retailer from using the name “AppStore,” which they are claiming to have trademarked. Also similar to Apple is the fact that Amazon will review every app before release in their store, distinguishing them from Google’s Android Market, which currently holds the monopoly on Android apps. They offer over 200,000 apps, making Amazon’s 3,800 at launch meager competition.

In attempts to set themselves apart, Amazon will offer a Test Drive feature, allowing customers to test an app on their computer prior to purchase. They get to play with a replica of the app in a browser window using the mouse for up to 30 minutes. Also, Amazon will be setting it’s own prices for apps, and some are cheaper than identical ones available through Google’s Android Market.

Head to amazon.com/appstore to get your free Angry Birds app, and check out the rest Amazon’s AppStore has to offer. Let us know what you think!

Photo Courtesy of Thomaz Stolfa
Photo Courtesy of Laughing Squid