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Critical Security Threat With Adobe’s Flash Player

Google is one step ahead of Adobe when it comes to Adobe’s software. Google has fixed a “critical” security issue with Adobe’s Flash Player. Although the fix only covers its Chrome Web browser, we think it’s cool that Google took matters into their own hands. For those using Firefox or Opera, they will have to wait until Adobe releases an official patch (which is expected to be sometime this week.) The Flash player bug was first mentioned last week after infected flash files(.swf) which were embedded in Excel documents(.xls), had shown up in e-mail inboxes. When recipients tried to open the file, their systems either crashed or were vulnerable to hacked entries.

Microsoft claimed that Office 2010 Suite users were safe due to their implemented security system. Digital Trends advises non-Chrome web browsers to temporarily disable their flash player, if possible. They advise those using Chrome to update, ensuring that you receive the latest Google patch. Google’s fast action doesn’t come without recognition to Adobe, however. Google has a close relationship with Adobe, and was granted early access to Flash builds before they were even released. This enabled Google engineers to get a jump start testing Chrome’s security features. Also, since Adobe must test this patch for over 60 platforms, it would make sense why Google’s lighter workload would allow them to release a patch sooner.
If only all companies could release patches that quick, it would make the “computer experience” so much better!

Photo Courtesy of Steven Erat
Photo Courtesy of Clive Darr