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iPhone 5 News Leaked!

The Tech Journal has announced Phil Schiller’s latest tweet: “The white iPhone will be available this Spring (and it’s a beauty!) Phil Schiller is Senior Vice President of Apple Marketing. Since June 20th is the last day of Spring, we can deduce that the new iPhone 5 will be released no later than that date!

Meanwhile, 9to5Mac has released some photos of the iPhone 5’s parts:

For the most part, the iPhone 5 will be quite similar to its little brother, the iPhone4. The first revelation found by 9to5Mac is that the new iPhone will be available in black or white. The next revelation was that the iPhone will indeed have a physical home button (despite previous rumors saying the opposite.)

Another new feature will be the redesigned headphone jack. The connection piece that normally sits at the top of the cable will now be in the middle. Now, this won’t be a reconstruction that you’ll be able to notice visually, but it’s still a neat feature. 9to5Mac speculates that moving the headphone jack flex motherboard connector elsewhere might mean that Apple is making room for something new in the device. They speculate that the redesign might be making more space for a better processor, more storage, a larger memory capacity, a better camera, a 4G chip, or an NFC chip (Did you catch your breath?)

Photo Courtesy of Phil Photostream
Photo Courtesy of 9to5Mac