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LinkedIn Reaches 100M Members, Few are Regular Users

LinkedIn, the professional social networking site, announced this morning that it has 100 million users, making it one of only four American social networks to reach this milestone (along with MySpace, Facebook, and Twitter). Last October LinkedIn had 50 million users, so they have doubled in just several months, spreading almost virally. Despite the fact that it remains only a fraction of the size of Facebook, LinkedIn is unique to marketers since it is a large social network with a more specific audience. Knowing precisely the type of people the site attracts is a benefit to marketers.

However, the company itself has said that the number of registered members is higher than the number of actual users, and that most of the page views are generated by a minority of the members. Meaning that tons of people sign up to create an online resume, their heads filled with dreams of networking. However, only a fraction return to use the site more than once.

LinkedIn has been releasing new features recently to solve this issue. Two weeks ago they launched LinkedIn Today, with is essentially a news feed that focuses on industries the user has expressed interest in. This feature encourages participation, content sharing, and ultimately regular use of the site. Also launched were the Graduate Job Search and Internship Portal features, in attempts to attract a younger, professional crowd who are already used to social networking.

Photo Courtesy of Adriano Gasparri
Photo Courtesy of Tichany
Photo Courtesy of Smi23le