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Near-Field Communications Technology To Replace Wallets?

According to the Huffington Post, Near-Field Communication was created in 2004, and the first phone enabled with the technology came in 2007. NFC is a wireless technology that enables devices to communicate with each other and exchange data at close range (within four centimeters). The NFC Forum claims that it is a ‘read’ and ‘write’ technology. Communication between two NFC-compatible devices will happen when one waves/touches one device with another. The benefit? The technology would allow users to pay for their train ticket by tapping their phones against a NFC-enabled gadget or have notifications pop-up when they wave their smartphones over an “infotag.”

According to the New York Times, Apple hopes to integrate NFC technology with future versions of their iPhone, and Google’s Android to do the same. Apple plans on using iTunes as a “checkout” system that will allow consumers to pay for items via the software well known for the iPod. How will NFC technology affect our day-to-day interactions? I believe that the only benefit of it will be to have a device that can be taken out of a pocket (much like a wallet), without having the “inconvenience” to open it and slide out a credit card. Of course, it will look cool too. Humor aside, I’m sure this is just the beginning of a technology-wave that will improve how we handle business and how we live as a society. When I think of how relatively new the Internet is, I find it miraculous to see how far we’ve come since the birth of technology (a bold statement, but one I stand strongly with). What will capitalism bring next?

Take a look at these two videos to see cell phones with NFC technology.

Photo Courtesy of Christian Rivera
Photo Courtesy of Alexander Staubo