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Wi-Fi Introduces New Program, Streamlines Hotspots

Today the Wi-Fi Alliance announced a new program, intending to streamline connection to public hotspots. This new certification will also improve the relationship between Wi-Fi and cellular data, which are now in contact more than ever due to smartphones and tablets. This will include data to be transfered via either network in case of extreme data congestion. In addition, lots of carriers are switching form the stressed 3G network over to citywide Wi-Fi networks, which are better able to handle the ever increasing number of smartphone users.

Besides being more efficient, this change will also transform the user experience. Authentication and billing will be handled without customer interaction, streamlining the process substantially. Discovery and selection of hotspots will become automatic, however will choose networks based on user preferences, operator policies and network optimization. Access to networks will be granted automatically through the use of credential mechanisms, such as SIM cards. Even the process of creating a new user account will be easier, with less steps for the user themselves.

Security will be improved as well, with new methods providing encryption through the use of WPA2 security. It will also make soon be easier to access Wi-Fi hotspots around the world. The Alliance will launch the program in early in 2012.

Photo credit: Mark Hillary
Photo credit: Yuba College