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SEO Tips: How To Be Found In Twitter-World

People publish written material all over the world, every single day. From blogs to tweets, material is getting posted to the World Wide Web with the intent that it will be found by someone on the other side of that phone line or wireless router. So what determines whether your content reaches the intended audience? Search Engine Optimization. What is SEO? It is literally the transport of information from a website or webpage to a search engine. The search engine is, in essence, an Olympic sized pool of data and every search that is run is like a professional swimmer retrieving the data you’ve searched for via your chosen keywords. The best keywords allow for the swimmer to pinpoint exactly what you’re looking for, while vague keywords take him or her in the general direction of your desired content, but then they get lost.

According to SearchEngineLand, the Twitter profile is the start point to any successful profile. They recommend incorporating as many keywords as possible so that when the Twitter Profile is shown in search results, Google sometimes uses the bio portion for the description. SearchEngineLand (SEL) then gives an example of Mike Bloomberg, showcasing his Twitter profile filled with his interests and job responsibilities. This makes him easy to find, and what’s more, it allows searchers to unknowingly learn more information about him beyond his title as Mayor of New York.
SEL believes the next most important thing are your hashtags. Hashtags are very useful to organize tweets with a common theme. Such an example could be #coolestwebsitefortech. Users who want to browse all-things technology or just post/comment on their favorite links are free to do so.

Photo Courtesy of SEOPRTraining
Photo Courtesy of Aldon Hynes