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New App Rating System In The Works

The CTIA Wireless has sparked the release of many hot gadgets, but the CTIA recently announced that it will begin to have a new voluntary “App Rating System” to its list of industry guidelines. App stores who choose to opt in the system will allow parents to block access to inappropriate websites for their children. I personally think this is good, not only since more and more kids are getting cell phones at younger ages, but also because the rating system does let you know what’s appropriate and what’s not. That doesn’t necessarily mean that kids will follow the rating system, as many do not with the game ratings, but it is nice to know what an app is rated, especially if you are browsing apps during your lunch break!

The rating system hasn’t established yet but will now have a “request for proposals” section for outside vendors at the CTIA Wireless trade show to visit. App developers will be required to publish their app content when submitting, and at that point their app will be rated according to the rating system.

As I’ve mentioned before, the rating system is pretty ineffective when it comes to the gaming industry. Kids still get their hands on titles they “shouldn’t” be playing, at least according to them. I still think the rating system is a very valuable one because it lets everyone know (including the individual buying the game) what they are getting into. And a world without surprises is always a better one!

Photo Courtesy of TechShowNetwork
Photo Courtesy of pfcdayelise