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Apple Airplay to Stream on TV

Apple may be looking to expand Airplay technology and allow users to stream video onto their TV, according to a Bloomburg report from “two people familiar with the project.” Streaming video from iPad or iPhone to TV is currently possible, however only through the purchase and use of Apple TV, a $99 box whose sole purpose is such iPhone to TV conversion, which sends audio and video wirelessly and displays them on the TV screen. With the new rumored plan consumers would no longer need Apple TV.

Apple would do this by allowing television manufacturers to license Airplay and incorporate it into their device. People could then stream video from their iPhone or iPad directly to their TV. This is important for app developers and fans, since Apple has a whole section of the app store dedicated to Airplay-enabled apps, which currently let you use the app on your TV via Apple TV.

Both Apple and the manufactures will benefit from such an expansion. With the ability to watch video sold through the Apple store on an actual TV, more people may download movies and TV shows from Apple’s iTunes Store. In addition, people with expansive movie collections on their iPad or iPhone might be inspired to buy a TV that is compatible with movies they already have.

Should Apple actually be releasing this, we could have Airplay TVs as soon as this year.

Photo credit Ben Dodson
Photo credit Chris Messina