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Apple’s Awesome Mail App, Sparrow

Apple has designed a minimalist mail app with the intent of serving you a no-frills experience. Aside from the normal e-mail features, Sparrow has a minimalist mode which enables users to view their mail at a glance. The $9.99 app lets you plug in as many different e-mail accounts (on different platforms) and let’s you switch easily back in forth. It also allows you to send e-mail from different aliases.

Steven Stande from Tuaw said, “My personal favorite new feature is a dedicated view for browsing your unread email. Simply choosing “unread” from a tiny popup at the top of the inbox displays only your unread messages. There’s also an unobtrusive formatting bar for messages so you’re free to change the font, style, size, color, alignment, and indention, or even add a bullet list in the compose window.”

Sparrow has announced that they fixed a long list of bugs in the initial versions, improved sync with their Address Book, and made improvements to their mail database, scroll performance, and memory use. The update takes little or no time to install through the Mac App Store, and for existing Sparrow users, it’s a solid and welcome update. Checked the video below for a comprehensive review of the app!

Photo Courtesy of Drew Olanoff
Photo Courtesy of Sebastian Niedlich