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The Awe-Inspiring HTC HD7S

Ahead of the CTIA Wireless conference, we’ve been seeing new phones being launched left and right. Quite frankly, it is starting to seem like cellular warfare, if ever such a thing existed!

HTC announced it’s HD7S, a powerhouse phone sought to conquer all things “fun”. “Fun” defined as gaming, music, and social media. Then again, what smartphone doesn’t do social media, these days? The HD7S will belong in the AT&T lineup and will feature a high resolution 4.3″ screen. Capture High Definition video and game through Xbox Live. The HD7S will run on Windows 7 with a speedy 1GHz processor. The phone will feature AT&T’s app that will allow U-verse customers to manage their DVR recordings, browse through TV listings, and/or download watch their favorite programs on their brand new device. Check out the video below to see the earlier HD7 model.

With HTC’s beautiful lineup of the EVO 4G, EVO3D, and the HD7S, which would you choose?

Photo Courtesy of Nate Grigg
Photo Courtesy of Clinton Jeff