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Google Chrome’s New HTML5 Speech Input

Google adds yet another feature to their already popular Chrome web browser. Google mentioned that they would be updating their beta channel by bringing HTML5 speech input API, developed with the HTML Speech Incubator Group.

Google emphasizes this API (Application Programming Interface), because developers can now give apps the ability to transcribe voice to text. All it will take is a simple click of the mouse and speak into your computer’s microphone.

The company also mentioned that the recorded speech will be sent to transcription servers once the text is written on the screen. To spice things up even further, they will also be releasing a sneak-peak of their 3D CSS API which allows developers to implement 3D effects on CSS web pages. Beta channel users will be seeing the new Chrome logo on their web browsers in the coming days.

The Chrome feature is speculated to enhance Google’s competition against Mozilla Firefox, with their recent launch of Firefox 4 (a browser that has generated 5 million downloads within the first day of release.)

Photo Courtesy of Seth Ladd
Photo Courtesy of Marcos Esperon