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HTC Releases EVO 3D Ad

HTC has released the first commercial for the Evo 3D today, kicking off the phone’s ad campaign. It was just introduced and announced yesterday, at CTIA in Orlando, Florida. As you can see in the ad, the phone design itself is not radically different from past smartphones, keeping with the slim candy bar shape. However, there’s something pretty fantastic about the Evo 3D, as the phone’s name subtly lets everyone know. Not only can users view 3D content without 3D glasses, they can also create their own 3D video, taking advantage of the phone’s two camera’s for recording.

The Evo 3D runs on Android 2.3, and comes preloaded with specific 3D apps. Some of these included are Yahoo 3D, which lets you upload 3D content, and Blockbuster 3D, which lets you purchase and rent 3D and 2D movies.

In the ad shows the phone’s video recording and playback capabilities, as well as mentioning it’s ability to wirelessly stream to your TV. We also get the ad campaign’s slogan: “Glasses off, 3D on… you mobile life in 3D.” The Evo 3D will be available through Sprint later this summer. Watch the ad below and see the phone in all it’s 3D glory. Personally, I’m pretty skeptical about the quality (and usefulness) of a 3D phone, but it sure looks pretty damn awesome.

Photo credit Mike Saechang
Photo credit Matt Neale