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Intel– No Longer Producing Itanium Chips

Itanium-based servers are commonly used by IT professionals in the industry. Intel’s latest Itanium 9300 series packs a punch, delivering double the performance that you would get with the previous generation. It also handles six times more memory bandwidth and up to nine times more interconnect bandwidth. To continue, the Itanium can carry eight times more memory than the older version. It is designed for information specialists to have energy-efficient technology at their fingertips, and serves are the driving force for their data centers and workload management.

According to Electronista, Oracle has announced that it will no longer produce Intel Itanium processors. Supposedly, Intel informed Oracle that their x86 lineup would be their primary focus, being that the Itanium platform will be replaced by the next generation processor. The 9300 series, however is not a new chip as it was launched about a year ago. Intel also mentioned switching gears to focus more on their XEON family processors. Computer manufacturers across the board, including Microsoft, RedHat, and Hewlett-Packard. Oracle finished their statement in saying that they will still provide customer support for users still maintaining their Itanium servers.

Intel has recently updated their website with their new server chipsets for the Intel Xeon processor 5000 series with dual processors. Their new technology will offer increased graphics, less power consumption, and improved dependability.

Photo Courtesy of Intel Photos
Photo Courtesy of LaughingSquid