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SandyBridge Intelligence On The New iMac

Have you been thinking about getting a new iMac but wanted a good reason to wait? The new iMacs due by the first week of May will feature the new Intel “Sandy Bridge” processors and come equipped with Thunderbolt. The Intel Sandy Bridge CPUs (pictured) are currently the hottest 32 nanometer chips on the market. Although the new iMacs will be buffed up with the latest Intel architecture, there will not be any major cosmetic changes.

Thunderbolt ports feature data speeds of up to 10Gbps giving data transfer a whole new meaning. Apple is so far the only computer manufacturer to have Thunderbolt ports, at least until next year.
Electronista reported that the last iMac revamp came in July of 2010 and featured the then-new Intel Core 2 Duo processors, ranging from the i3 to i5 form factor. Their higher end systems included support for the i5 and i7 chips. They mention that the very first sandybridge cpu’s hit the market by storm when they were delivered on the improved MacBook Pros back in February, the first MacBooks to sport quad-core processors.

But if you’ve been following the news, quad-cores are no longer the “latest and greatest.” Hexa-core processors can now be purchased on the mass market. With octa-core processors expected late this year, it is becoming a little hard for computer enthusiasts to stay “current” with next-gen technology. Since ‘Cutting-edge’ is always around the corner, die-hard enthusiasts must be satisfied with having killer systems, and not necessarily the best available on the market.

Photo Courtesy of Alex Novopashin
Photo Courtesy of yum9me