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No More Subscription Needed for Wall Street Journal iPad App

The Wall Street Journal has announced they will offer single issue downloads of its morning edition for $1.99. This will be available through their existing app, which is free. Previously, they only offered bundles and subscriptions, such as the “Now Edition,” which provides regular new updates for $18 a month. The “Digital Bundle” offers full access to WSJ.com and its digital products for about $17 a month.

The option to just get a paper without subscribing will be tested on the iPad first, and then move on to the Android. The single-issue downloads are a way for users to try out the both the content and format of an iPad newspaper, for relativley little cost. The ultimate goal for the Wall Street Journal here is obvious: to get people hooked so that they’ll subscribe. Although they have mentioned there would be limitations in the single issue downloads, the Wall Street Journal has yet to provide details. But they have mentioned these downloads won’t affect the current subscribers.

This is one of several ways the Wall Street Journal is experimenting with letting readers sample content. For example, they offer all content for free to users who are at Starbucks, accessing WiFi. This feature is expected to be included in the next version of their iPad app.

Photo credit Chris Dodson
Photo credit Jared Earle