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Yahoo Launches Search Direct

Yahoo has just launched a new feature called Search Direct, in attempts to compete with Google Instant. Prior to this they had Search Assist, which tried to complete your query and guess your search; however, you still had to hit “Search” to see results. Yahoo is catching up with other search engines with their new Search Direct, which provides answers to queries directly on the search engine page.

There are two parts to this feature: the “universal” search, where relevant data is instantly provided for things like movie times, sports, or weather; and “instant” search which not only guesses your query but shows the results of the assumed search. Of course, by typing in a query and clicking “Search,” you will still be able to see a regular list of links just like everyone’s used to doing.

This opens up new advertising avenues for Yahoo, and they are selling ads specifically for Search Direct. Advertisers can embed images and videos to appear when their name or product is searched. Although Yahoo is now powered by Microsoft’s Bing, Yahoo uses their own index, search algorithm and design, so it is unclear whether they will share revenue from Search Direct with Microsoft.

The feature is now live at search.yahoo.com and will be on the homepage Thursday. The results are provided slightly faster than Google, since there is no need for the whole page to refresh to show results. Does anyone use Yahoo already? Would any of this make anyone switch to using Yahoo?

Photo credit Rafael Mendoza
Photo credit Clever Cupcakes