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Facebook Relaunches Questions Feature

Facebook relaunched it’s Questions feature today, which was originally released in beta to a limited number of users last June. This current version will be available to everyone in the next few weeks, but you can go ahead and opt-in at facebook.com/questions.

What makes Facebook unique from other question and answer sites is that the people reading, and potentially answering, your question are your friends. This is also different from the original Facebook Questions, which did not let users limit viewing of the question to just their friends, instead encouraging them to reach out to strangers with shared interests. Also new with the relaunch is a poll option, which lets you agree with an existing answer.

The assumption is that you care about what your friends think, more so than you care about the people answering your questions on Yahoo Answers. Also, your friends are more likely to share your location and interests, thus making their contribution more valuable.

This looks like it will be pretty useful, but what I really hope they come out with is an anonymous feature, so you can ask and answer without anyone knowing who you are. Alas, this seems unlikely, as Facebook is all about “friends” and “connecting,” neither of which you can do when no one knows who you are. Have you activated Questions yet? Go to the link above and try it out!

Here is what it looks like.

facebook questions

Photo credit Leo Reynolds
Photo credit pshab