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Microsoft WP7 Adds Copy/Paste Feature, Better Late Than Never!

Microsoft finally has launched its copy/paste update to selected devices. The aim of the Microsoft update is to serve a broader range of consumers. They claim that they will be sending out updates to those phones that are capable of using the feature, which means you won’t have to keep checking back at Microsoft’s blog every 3 days. For those who need instructions to install the update, they should check the Microsoft Windows Phone website. Although some new phones will have the update pre-installed, many do not. Microsoft is a firm believer in sending “batch updates”–a set of fixes for their phones rather than one large update as some other software companies do.

To make it easier for mobile users, Microsoft has created an online resource called “Where’s my phone update?” Users will be able to find out information on what is being developed, when it is expected to be released and the platform it is intended to serve. This is Microsoft’s attempt to “streamline” its phone update process. I’m glad to know that Microsoft decided to jump on the bandwagon with copy/pasting for mobile devices, I was a little worried, but now I’m not. Or should I be? Check out the video to see what copy/pasting looks like on a mobile device.

Photo Courtesy of Tim Bartel
Photo Courtesy of SimeonK