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Nokia Astound On Its Way!

Nokia announced the T-Mobile Astound/Nokia C7 will be arriving shortly! According to DigitalTrends, the Astound will feel much faster than previous Nokia phones such as the N8. It is powered by Symbian 3.0, which is a good mobile operating system for beginners. The reason it is for beginners is because it is (and feels) like ancient mobile software dating back from the early 2000s. Supposedly this new version of Symbian is much easier to use than previous version, thankfully. Those who have tried Symbian before, know that it can sometimes take 7 or 8 “click-through’s” to turn a basic feature on/off. When you’re trying to run a busy life successfully, you don’t really have time to fuss around with your mobile phone to try to figure out how to enable a simple feature, it should be fairly intuitive.

Fortunately, this will most likely be the last device to carry Symbian since Nokia has recently signed a deal with Microsoft Windows. The smartphone will feature a full QWERTY keyboard for landscape and vertical orientations. It will also feature “swipe”–dragging your fingers across the virtual keyboard and having your words recognized by the OS. The Astound will also feature a Chrome-like web browser (built on the same core), which is a breath of fresh air from Symbian’s usual antiquated browser. The Astound (Also known as the Nokia C7) will have a 3.5 inch AMOLED touchscreen and contain 8GB of internal storage. The device features a microSD slot and will support T-Mobiles 4G HSPA+ network. The Astound is also “green” in that it is made of 60 percent recycled material. Photography enthusiasts will be pleased to note that the phone will have an eight mega-pixel camera with dual-LED flash.

The Astound will hit the shelves on April 6 for $79.99 with a two-year contract. Check out the C7 commercial below and take a peak at the previous C7 model.

Photo Courtesy of John Karakatsanis