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Phone Memory Faster Than Your Computer?

LPDDR2 is the premier way to get powerful memory options for any mobile device. Besides its fast speed, it’s largest feature is its low power consumption relative to traditional desktop or notebook memory. Samsung announced last night that they will be unleashing powerful memory for mobile devices. They have started shipping 4GB (512MB) LPDDR2 (low-power double data rate 2) RAM for mobile gadgets. The 30nm chips pack twice the punch than previous chips and allow much slimmer and smaller modules to be attached. The RAM (Random Access Memory) runs around the speed of 1,066MHz, which is much faster than the usual 400MHz mobile memory speeds. If the speed and capacity wasn’t enough to suck you in, the technology also requires 25 percent less energy than previous chips. Electronista believes that Apple may be one of the first customers to test out the new technology, although would probably opt for the 512MB module. Check out the video below to learn more about the technology!

Photo Courtesy of Yum9Me