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Spy On Your Kids With Full Control

Have you ever wanted to know exactly where you child was at all times? Tap into their phone calls? Know exactly what they’re talking about to their friends? If you’re like most concerned parents, the answer is yes. What’s the catch? Well, the software is currently for sale in New Zealand and it’ll run you 44 smackers. But for most, $44 is a small price to pay to know exactly what’s going on with your children. The masterminds behind the software? Sally Rae and Steve Herstell developed it to help “parents prevent their children [from] becoming victims of bullying, sexting, and grooming. The software uses a GPS-like function to know the exact location of your child. Parents will also have the white gloves to blacklist any phone numbers if they want to…

While the developers had nothing but good intentions for the software, the Women’s Refuge are very concerned about what might happened if the technology got into the wrong hands, say, an abuser. At that point the software can turn from a helping tool into a lethal weapon. I have mixed feelings about the software as well. While I can see this program as a useful tool in knowing whether your teenage child is in a drug-infested neighborhood or “has gone missing”, I’m sure there will be many parents who will abuse the power to snoop on every single thing their child is doing. And let’s face it, the moment you confront your kid about whatever you discovered on their phone, they’ll immediately know you’ve been snooping, and then that trust factor hits rock bottom. What started out as a blessing has now become a curse.

Photo Courtesy of Mira
Photo Courtesy of BasicB