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Steam For The Mobile Device?

According to UberGizmo, rumors have circulated on steampowered.com. Apparently, one of the forum members had met with Valve’s Gabe Newell and heard that Valve’s gaming marketplace, also known as STEAM. Steam might be getting the software for mobile devices like smartphones and ipads. Although UberGizmo thinks this will bring gaming to the next level, we should keep in mind the graphics capabilities of mobile devices. Tablet PCs and smartphones simply put, cannot handle intensive games like Half-Life 2 or Left4Dead. Just because Valve might be bringing Steam to the mobile world, doesn’t mean that all the current games for PC will transfer along. What’s most likely to happen if this rumor is true is, simple games such as arcade games are likely to be brought to the mobile platform. Games like Bejeweled or Asteroids will definitely be on there, but I’m sure there will be a bunch of modern games too. While this wouldn’t necessarily be “next-level gaming”, it would definitely be cool to play some simple but fun games on a mobile device.

Now, what I find interesting is what implications this would have on our future of gaming? Sure, tablet PCs wouldn’t be able to handle recent first-person shooters, now. However, with the rapid advances of graphics and computer processor technology, releasing a mobile version of STEAM now will give time (at least a few years) for STEAM to perfect it’s app for when those intensive games do come out, and they will, eventually. So, while we won’t be able to play Left4Dead2 in the near future, I am almost certain that we are only a few years away from playing graphics intensive first-person shooters on the (insert your favorite tablet PC.)

Photo Courtesy of Michael Zenke
Photo Courtesy of Steve Wilson