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Verizon Will Not Have iPhone5

A phone conversation with Enrico Salvatori, Qualcomm’s VP, has convinced ITProPortal that there will not be an iPhone5 for the Verizon platform. The reason for this assumption is because Apple is gearing up to release a multimode baseband module to reduce costs and meet Apple’s aggressive needs to shoot the phone onto the market. The Apple iPad 2 currently runs on the Qualcomm MDM6600. The MDM6600 is a data chipset which supports the HSPA+ speed rates up to 14.4Mbps as well as current CDMA technologies. By using this lower cost chipset, Apple will save 80 million dollars once they reach 40 million sales. Qualcomm’s new technology cuts down the price of the chip by integrating smaller components, thereby reducing power consumption, freeing up space on the chip, and slicing component costs. Assuming that Qualcomm will not launch a new chipset with near field communication technology (something that the iPhone5 will require) , it is likely that the MDM9625 would be instead used.

This could be a make or break point for Verizon, after AT&T swallows T-Mobile. At this point, Verizon needs all the help they can get to remain a key player in the wireless industry. I will admit though, I’d rather see Verizon “get clever” in other aspects of their company, releasing a new technology or perhaps working with Google on a future phone. Variety is always best, in my opinion.

Check out the video below to learn more about the current iPhone4.

Photo Courtesy of John Karakatsanis
Photo Courtesy of Powru