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Barnes & Noble: E-Books Will Overtake Book Sales in Two Years

E-books will dominate books sale in two years, predicted B&N executive Marc Parrish at GigaOM’s Big Data Conference. This is already true for Amazon, who sold more Kindle books than paperbacks in January. E-reader sales have jumped dramatically over the past couple of years, going from 900,000 in 2009 to an estimated 18 million that will be sold this year. Also, we’ve got Apple who has sold over 100 million books for the iPad since the opening of the iBookstore last April.

What do E-books have that real books don’t? Contextual knowledge, online sharing, and video. However, physical books have managed to hold on well, even in our increasingly digital world. Personally, I’m a pretty big fan of actual, paperback books, and don’t see them truly dying out for quite a long time. Maybe this is just wishful thinking. Also, I have qualms about real books being made of paper, and my love of books and hatred of deforestation really end up being quite incompatible. What do you think? I’m I the only person out there rooting for the paperback book?

Photo credit Ginny
Photo credit John Frederico