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Diamonds Last Forever, But What About Speakers?

Hercules has released a new mini-speaker kit that runs off USB 2.0 power. They claim it is designed for “female audiences”, but we can picture some wanna-be gangsters buying these to add some bling to their bling bling. Since these speakers run on only one cord for both audio and power, they make the ideal speaker set for people who use laptops. I don’t think these will necessarily deliver the bass needed for a home setup, but you probably don’t want that if you’re living on a higher floor in an apartment. The equipped wired mini-control offers your traditional volume settings of +/- and Mute. You may be wondering how you’re going to protect your new found ‘jewelry.’ Lucky for you, Hercules will be throwing in a Black velvet case with “reinforced compartments for protection and transport.”

If that particular “diamond style” does not appeal to you, check out Hercule’s other awesome speaker designs. Check out the video below at the Consumer Electronic Show 2011 for an example of what Hercules usually designs.

Photo Courtesy of Hercules