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The New And Improved VLC Player For OS X

The open-source non-profit organization, VideoLAN has updated their code for VLC Media Player 1.1.8. The biggest feature of this new version is the cosmetic change to look better suited for the Mac OS X operating system. For those who aren’t familiar with VideoLAN, VLC player is their most well known product for being able to play a large variety of media files (ones that cannot be played by more common software applications like Windows Media Player.) This new flavor of the VLC player comes strapped with codec updates, language updates, and new encoder packages. The great thing about VLC player as I previously mentioned, is that it contains so many built-in codecs that allow for a truly “plug n’ play” experience. I don’t know about you, but when I want to watch my media, I know I don’t want to scavenge the Internet, looking for a *safe website that also has the codec I’m looking for. With VLC player, I don’t have to.

The two new encoders previously mentioned are called Dirac and VP8/Web (video compression formats). The download includes a critical security update that resolves video aspect ratio issues and improves Windows integration (such as when using volume keys on the keyboard). Probably the best part of the update is the ability to auto-detect for .txt file subtitles. Not that loading a subtitle is too hard, but isn’t it great to be lazy?

Photo Courtesy of MillyNet
Photo Courtesy of Kemal Y