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Staple’s Tablet Center Makes Deciding Easier

iPad this, iPad that, you’ve seen the commercials and you’ve heard the buzz, but is there an alternative for Android fans? You probably have read an article or two about the recent tablet PCs that have jumped in the market. When it comes to me and technology, I enjoy “browsing” online for hours on end, looking for that perfect piece of technology that is worth every dollar and penny. I often have staring contests with my LCD screen when trying to figure out what I should buy, and the monitor always wins! Staples have made it just a bit easier to figure out what you are looking for in a tablet. Consumers can compare tablets, side by side, and easily glance back and forth on which features are included and which are not. Are you looking for a specific processor or perhaps a high native resolution? With the Tablet Center you can easily hone in on exactly what you’re looking for and see whether the device you are interested in carries your favorite operating system, video playback options, or hard drive space.

To make things a little sweeter, Staples is offering free shipping on all devices over $50 with an expected delivery within five business days! In a world of Apple iPads, why not take a break and give Android a shot? You never know until you try! Take a peak at the video below to see some of the Motorola Xoom’s most notable features!

Photo Courtesy of MktFan
Photo Courtesy of Neville Hobson