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Amazon Launching Service To Store Your Music, Videos & eBooks

Amazon is in talks with record companies and film studios about potentially creating a service to let users store their film and music in a library style format on the cloud. According to CNET they could be ready to announce the service as early as next week.

The service, which some say is a like a cloud locker, would allow users to store their existing music, film, and book collections on the cloud, even if the content is not purchased at Amazon. The current hold up is all the licensing requirements which Amazon has yet to work out with the major labels and studios.

It has been widely reported that Apple and Google are said to be working on similar services. And sources confirmed the launch of Google Music internally, an indication that the Google is also preparing for a public release soon. Yet Amazon is in a hurry to win the race, perhaps because it may be launching a tablet too, as some reports suggest.

The service would allow any of the three power houses to determine which music, movie and books are of interest to the user and perhaps offer deals and enticements based on the contents of library.

Photo Courtesy of Ether2001
Photo Courtesy of Majiscup – The Art of Papercup