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Asus Slams Brakes On Netbook Production

Tablet PCs have taken the portable computer market by storm. Although netbooks are inexpensively priced at around $300, tablet PCs are sexier and deliver quite the statement for those who use it. Asustek Computer noticed a dip in its netbook sales and decided to hold production, aiming at a similar number as Asus’ 2010 sales. Taiwanese manufacturer, Asus, came out with their well known Eee PC about four years ago and have been a key player in the netbook market. Eee stands for Easy to learn, Easy to play, and Easy to work.

Now, Asustek does not expect tablets to displace small laptops as others have predicted, but the company does believe tablets will dip in as much as 20% into the netbook market. The company notes that it is difficult to resist an aesthetically pleasing tablet, especially when it is loaded up with the very popular Android 3.0 Honeycomb operating system. Asustek started developing their netbooks in only two display screen sizes, 7-inch and 9-inch. They eventually expanded to 10-inch in 2008, and now also make 12-inch notebooks. They have modified their screen on the Eee PC netbook, thus making it into a tablet. Interestingly, competitor Acer will not halt production on their netbook computers despite their planned series of tablet PCs to hit the market. Acer announced 5-inch, 7-inch, and 10-inch tablet PCs to hit the shelves in November, 2011, all sporting Android. Check out the video to see the prototype unveiled in 2010.

Photo Courtesy of Robert Nelson
Photo Courtesy of John Karatsanis