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Google Joins The Group Messaging App Party With “Disco”

Group messaging is apparently big business and now we have another app joining the party!!

First Facebook announced it acquired Beluga and now Google releases a group messaging app called “Disco”. The app, as you would imagine, allows users to send text messages to groups of people from their contacts and members of the group can reply to everyone. Simple concept using text messaging.

The app was released for the iPhone under a company Google acquired in August, Slide for $182 million. The move has created buzz since some are claiming that the app was a secret launched, specially given that it was not release for Android devices – which seems kinda ironic.

The service allows up to 25 members to be added to groups via the app and also online at Disco.com, which has been reported that Google purchased last year for a whopping $255,000 at Domainfest.

The app works as advertised but is some what clunky. The biggest thing is how it handles group management. You have to send text messages to Disco.com for managing the groups. Alternatively you can also manage the groups online, but this kinda defeats the purpose of having an app. It lack the bells and whistles from some of the other group messaging apps like Beluga and GroupMe.

Keep in mind that you still have to pay for the text messaging service to your provider (AT&T or Verizon) so make sure you are aware of this before sending a tons of texts. You may want to consider getting the unlimited texting before going crazy with it.

Click here to get the app in iTunes