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Samsung Targets Developers And Businesses

Samsung is changing the way they are doing business, and probably for the best too! Samsung is in the works of developing software that will help customers build their own app stores, as well as reworking its sales operations. This will be great news to developers all over the world. Brilliant software developers will no longer have to go through a middleman to get their software released, if they have their own store to do so. With higher profits comes higher incentive on behalf of these brilliant coders, and the competition begins. Who can develop the best software and stay competitively priced?

Samsung will also be offering support directly with enterprises by conducting application workshops and offering pilot programs to potential enterprise customers. Samsung will also be giving out businesses a handful of tablets/smartphones to test drive and help their clients build an internal app store or custom apps for their respective devices. Samsung’s second measure in reaching out to Enterprise users comes with their development of Samsung’s TouchWiz software.

TouchWiz is a user interface that works with Android, meeting the needs of different businesses. Samsung is currently working on three flavors of their TouchWiz software; the only difference amongst the versions are their features. Limiting the features on different versions allows for better software performance on lesser devices (phones or tablets that do not have the computing power for high end applications). Samsung also hopes that their TouchWiz software will spur ‘Android interest’ amongst businesses. If all this weren’t enough, Samsung is also working on improving their security functions like AES and will be partnering up with companies; Cisco and Citrix for VPN support and thin technology for tablets. Samsung’s main goal is to be a leader in software development and they are prepared to build and maintain key relationships with leading tech companies to get there. I admire Samsung’s gumption.

Photo Courtesy of Honou
Photo Courtesy of Chad Davis
Photo Courtesy of Brandon Leon