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Windows 8 Features?

ReadWriteWeb speculates what Windows 8 might roll out. They think one of the first features would be to add 128-bit support. This scares me because it is year 2011 and we still do not have full 64-bit support for many applications. Although there is the 64-bit Mozilla browser, Namoroka, there is no reliable 64-bit Adobe flash player, rendering all 64-bit browsers useless. So at the present time, we have 64-bit operating systems that allow for our computers to read more than 3GB of memory, but we hardly have any 64-bit software to use to make the most out of our hardware. This is like buying a Lamborghini Gallardo to drive the 25mph speed limit to the post office. It just doesn’t add up. The next feature expected will be 3D support, with the notebooks currently offering 3D support and even some smartphones like the HTC EVO 3D, it may not sound as cool in the future when 3D becomes a common practice.

ReadWriteWeb also speculate that Microsoft will open their own app store, competing with Apple and Amazon’s marketplace. I’m not sure how they will pan out in comparison with the big heads of media, but more competition never hurt. The next thing on the list would be support for tablet PCs (ARM platform), this would allow Windows 8 to be used on tablet PCs, a technology that is becoming very popular in today’s space. Remember when we thought fingerprint scanners were cool? Microsoft plans on rolling out facial recognition technology that will be able to log you in depending on whether or not you’re in front of the screen. Awesome. I wonder if it would work when you’re wearing your sunglasses too. Finally, the best upgrade of all will be a faster boot time. The method they will achieve this is by integrating their current “hibernate” technology with their log-off option, so it’s not something completely novel.

Photo Courtesy of Louis Volant
Photo Courtesy of Fabien Lavocat