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Microsoft Opens Second Apple Style Store in California

Microsoft opened its second retail store in Orange County California and hundreds show up to see the latest gadgets and software. The move is an indication that Microsoft is following Apple’s footstep by taking their approach to the stores concept.

Microsoft already sells its products thru other retailers like Best Buy but this allows them to compete directly with Apple in busy malls – think impulse buying.

The retail stores allow potential customers to ask questions and gives them the opportunity to play with stuff before buying it. Certainly this will help Microsoft sell more products, both devices and software. However, in my opinion Microsoft would need gadgets that compete directly with Apple product line.

Apple’s products for example, the iPhone or iPad, have created a healthy revenue stream. Plus Apple’s marketing ads just keeps people craving their latest technology. The reason is simple, Apple make devices that are easy and simple to use for the average person. Microsoft on the other hand has yet to come out with a tablet that can compete with the iPad.

One thing is certain, Microsoft is definitely trying to compete head on with Apple so the retail store approach is a good move. Now lets hope they come out with a good tablet soon!!

Photo Courtesy of Scorche
Photo Courtesy of Joe Wilcox