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Seagate Barracuda 2TB HDD For $70

For $70 you can buy a 2TB HDD, a hard disk drive large enough to last you a lifetime (assuming we stay within our current data sizes.) The green HDD runs at 5900 RPM, which is decent for getting where you “need to go.” This would be a great upgrade for older computers running out of space. I have a few friends that have older computers and they often have to delete stuff every now and then to “free up there hard drive.”

Even games such as Crysis 2 can take up as much 15GB for the game itself. Other users enjoy downloading music, whether legally or illegally, you’ll need space if you plan on storing any music discographies on your desktop computer. If you’ve never installed or replaced a hard drive, don’t worry, you can easy instructions of how to online. It shouldn’t be more difficult than unscrewing the side panel of your computer case, removing the panel, unscrewing the hard drive from its brackets, disconnected the wire, reconnecting and replugging. With this Barracude, you get Seagate’s SmartAlign technology which utilizes the Advanced Format 4K sector. It’s equipped with a SATA 6GB/s interface and a 64MB cache to maximize performance and handle well for programs requiring a lot of cache.

You can feel good about buying the device knowing that you’re buying green technology, and what’s more you get a 3 year warranty on the cool and quietly operated hard drive. The 3.5 inch form factor HDD (Hard Disk Drive) weighs in at just under 1.5 pounds, making it a practical addition to your current storage.

Photo Courtesy of Sniffette
Photo Courtesy of Boja