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Think 3G, Then Multiply That 40 Times: LTE Advanced

The South Korean Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute claims that they (South Korea) has created the strongest and fastest 4G network in the world. Their new technology, called LTE Advanced, runs 40 times faster than current 3G networks. What does LTE Advanced let you achieve? Users will be able to enjoy streaming HD videos to their mobile devices as well as being able to play 3D games without lag. What would normally take 6 minutes to download on 3G will take about 9 seconds to download on LTE Advanced. It is truly the technology of the future, and I cannot wait till we get LTE Advanced support in the United States. If we can have more power, why not? The best part of this new LTE Advanced technology is that it will work with existing 2G and 3G networks. Now for the catch: LTE Advanced will not be implemented until three years from now in 2014. When it does go live, South Korea expects to see a $400 billion dollar spike in technology royalties. Yes, $400 billion dollars. Check out the awesome video below to catch a preview of what LTE Advanced will bring to consumers.

Photo Courtesy of Yutaka Tsutano