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Jeff Koons Must Die, The Video Game

Multimedia artist Hunter Jonakin has created an art-based first-person shooter called “Jeff Koons Must Die.” Known for his over-priced, kitschy sculptures (ex. giant metal balloon dogs that sold for 20 million dollars each), Koons often comes across as a jerk (ex. suing businesses for using “his” balloon dog motif).

The game is set in a museum filled with Koons’ art, and the weapon of choice is a rocket launcher. The point is to destroy the art, and if the play fails to do this then the game ends. If the player is successful at blowing up the art and setting it aflame, Jeff Koons himself appears and sends guards to kill the player. The game cannot be won, as Koons sics increasing amounts of guards, curators, and lawyers until the player is dead.

The creator, Jonakin, claims the game is a comment on “the fine art studio system, museum culture, art and commerce, hierarchical power structures, and the destructive tendencies of gallery goers, to name a few.” As a former gallery attendant at a museum, I find this endlessly amusing. Everyone has an opinion about contemporary art, which they love to share, because they feel there view is so much more enlightened than anyone else’s ideas. However, I think this game accurately describes most of the opinions I heard.

Watch the video below, let me know what you think.

Photo credit Scott Dexter
Photo credit Thomas Sharp

Jeff Koons Must Die!!! The Video Game from Hunter Jonakin on Vimeo.