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Serious Money for Funny Stuff: Cheezburger Network Buys Know Your Meme

Cheezburger Network, which runs sites like I Can Has Cheezburger?, FAIL blog, and The Daily What, is buying Know Your Meme. Although the exact amount is unknown, it has been described as a “seven figure deal,” and we do know that Cheezburger Network raised $30 million earlier this year, so it’s got to be nothing to laugh at.

Know Your Meme is full of plenty of time-wasting goodness, complete with the titular memes, viral videos, and internet celebrities. Besides updating you on today’s meme, they also have a meme-o-pedia so you can learn about and revisit memes of yore.

Cheezburger Network said in the press release Know Your Meme is a “natural complement for our community,” but we all know they just did it for the lulz.

The sale included acquisition of staff, the site, and the Know Your Meme show. The last episode of the show was posted 3 months ago, so hopefully with this new ownership and monetary backing that Cheezburger has, we’ll start to see some new episodes soon.

I think Know Your Meme will benefit from this, and hopefully we won’t end up with some sort of evil internet meme monopoly.

What do you think? Where do you get you meme information? Or do you pathetically spend all day actually trying to make memes happen?

Photo credit Brandon Schauer
Photo credit Evan Rappaport