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Motorola Investigating Issues With Atrix

Some Motorola Atrix users have recently reported audio issues with their new smartphone. They mentioned that their voices sounded “mute” to their recipient callers. A Motorola employee and forum manager, Mark, replied with “We’ve been looking into it for some time however we’ve only recently gotten phones back from customers.” Mark requested additional feedback from customers to better pinpoint what the issue could be. Such as whether the person is using a phone case, what noise level they have set on their device, etc.

The key to the problem would be finding a common feature amongst all users, hopefully something deeper than sharing the same model phone. Many of the affected users are quite upset because they have to yell into their phone to be understood by the person they are speaking with. Quite frankly, with a brand new mobile device, who wouldn’t be a little ticked off? Interestingly enough, Motorola sent an e-mail to some people indicating the source of the problem, which implied hardware problems. When one user posted the response from Motorola, it was immediately taken down my the forum moderators and asked not to repost the information anywhere else on the site. Hopefully Motorola will either find a fix soon or will replace their customers’ devices with something that works. How frustrating do you think it would be to have a brand new phone that’s no better than a paperweight? What if their old phones were broken and they were unable to make mobile calls? Agh, disaster strikes again! Anyways, check out the Atrix review below to learn more about the device.

Photo Courtesy of ETC@USC
Photo Courtesy of jaxciz