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RealNetworks CEO Resigns Suddenly – Replacement Sought

The CEO of RealNetworks, Bob Kimball resigned suddenly. The board appointed Mike Lunsford as a interim replacement and is actively looking for a replacement.

Kimball was previously the company’s general counsel and was promoted to the CEO role last year after Founder Rob Glaser stepped down.

The company has been restructuring and was involved in several rounds of layoffs. Kimball took on the CEO role to lead the restructuring and transformation of RealNetworks. However, there was no expectation that his role would end once the restructuring was finished. His long-term vision for the company involved returning RealNetworks to growth and profitability.

During his time Kimball eliminated more than $70 million in expenses. He also managed to create a digital locker product for mobile phones, which could put the company back on the map.

Photo Courtesy of Betsy Weber
Photo Courtesy of Thomas Hawk