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SWITL Robot Can Clean Up

The SWITL robotic hand appears to be capable of cleaning up semi-liquids such as condiments and sauces. This doesn’t sound exciting, but it does this without changing the shape of the goop, and then seems to be capable of replacing the mess back on the surface, still in the same shape.

It was created by food industry machinery developer Furukawa Kiko. The device is intended for use in the baking industry, particularly in production lines, where scooping and moving doughy products are best left to robots instead of inept human hands.

The technology is still patent-pending, and Furukawa Kiko has not formally released any information on how it works. The SWITL appears to use some form of conveyer system. The YouTube video, which is generating quite a bit of buzz, has received hundreds of comments, many of which doubt the legitimacy of the technology.

Take a look at if for yourself below. Is it reality, sorcery, or some good old film cleverness?

Photo credit Tim Cummins
Photo credit Chelsea Walsh