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Warner Bros Streaming More Movies on Facebook

Warner Brothers has announced that it will add five more movies to the roster of blockbuster to be streamed on Facebook for US consumers. Recall that it was just recently when it launched the video renting service to compete directly with others like Netflix. At that time, it showed The Dark Knight and described it as a “test” offering.

The five movies it plans to offer from the fan page are Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, Inception, Life as We Know It and Yogi Bear. It will charge users between 30-40 Facebook credits or $3-$4 US dollars to watch the movies during a 48-hour period.

This might mean that we could see movies show up on the social network as soon as they are released to video, ultimately becoming another distribution outlet for the major studios. However, what surprises me is that it has not considered putting the movies up on YouTube or Vimeo.

One question I have is will this be available to all US cities or only in certain ones? Last time The Dark Knight was not available in Texas.

Check out the trailer below for Inception one of the fives movies Warner Bros is streaming.

Photo Courtesy of Renee Silverman
Photo Courtesy of gkboey