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Lenovo 2nd Gen. Slim Lepad Coming Soon

The Chinese Leadership Summit took place on March 28th, 2011 at the Wuzhou Guest House in Shenzhen. The event was co-sponsored by the Shenzhen People’s Government and Federation of Digital China. More than 60 leaders and investors of the IT business fly to this event to discuss the future of information technology. The event focused on industrial development and topics such as green IT, cloud computing, multimedia mobile devices, general information going on in the IT industry, and works in the 4G space. The summit also hired a number of senior advisers to aid in in the Internet Industry development strategy, offering advice for local industries in Shenzhen.

Lenovo’s CEO, Yang Yuanqing (pictured right) announced that there will be a second generation to Lenovo’s LePad while at the Chinese IT Leadership Summit. He stated that the company has been working on the tablet “side-by-side” as the original one (launched in September). Although hardware specs were not discussed, Yuanqing said the second gen LePad would be a thinner tablet to “compete with the iPad.” We find it a bit strange that Lenovo is already launching a second generation within one year of the first. The 10-inch slate will be priced at around $500. Perhaps the second generation LePad is meant to be the saving grace of the original, the same LePad that had begun with a custom Linux interface but eventually switched to Android. Yuanqing hopes that the second generation Lenovo will blow off iPad sales and be the next craze.

Photo Courtesy of DayLife
Photo Courtesy of ClonedinChina